International agencies call for urgent help to tackle food insecurity

Amid the war in Ukraine and new lockdowns in China affecting already fragile global food security, major international organizations called on Wednesday for urgent action to help tackle growing food insecurity in poor countries. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions on Moscow have sent energy and food prices soaring in recent weeks, while rising … Read more

Shanghai to strictly punish lockdown violators amid COVID-19 surges

Police in China’s financial hub Shanghai warned on Wednesday that anyone who violates COVID-19 lockdown rules will be strictly punished amid a skyrocketing number of cases, urging citizens to defend their city, where the lockdown It has remained in its third week. The city’s police department detailed the restrictions facing most of the city’s 25 … Read more

War between Russia and Ukraine worsens fertilizer shortages and threatens food supply

Monica Kariuki is about to give up farming. What is driving her away from her 10 acres of land outside Nairobi is not bad weather, pests or pests, traditional farming curses, but fertilizer: it costs too much. Despite thousands of miles from the battlefields of Ukraine, Kariuki and his cabbage, corn and spinach farm are … Read more

Shanghai to relax lockdown in some areas despite COVID-19 waves

Shanghai authorities will begin easing lockdowns in some areas from Monday despite reporting a record over 25,000 new COVID-19 cases as they try to get the city moving again after more than two weeks. China’s Shanghai financial hub has classified residential units into three risk categories, to allow those in areas with no positive cases … Read more

Shanghai to ramp up food deliveries as virus restrictions extend to 11th day

The Shanghai government said on Thursday it was doing everything it could to improve the distribution of food and essential goods to residents in lockdown, responding to growing public discontent as COVID-19 restrictions extended into their 11th day. China’s financial hub has largely gone silent after the city imposed harsh restrictions on movement to stop … Read more

Shanghai extends COVID-19 curfew as food shortages upset residents

Shanghai residents expressed frustration on Friday over a week of sudden COVID-19 lockdowns, complaining online about food shortages and baffling stay-at-home orders. After initially promising they would avoid a full lockdown of the city, officials reversed course this week, announcing a phased lockdown that split China’s financial hub in two so authorities can assess its … Read more