Visegrad Four’s natural beauty to be exhibited in Istanbul

The rich cultural heritage and vast natural beauty of Visegrad countries (V4), namely Hungary, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia, will be showcased in the “Natural Treasures of the Visegrad Group” exhibition hosted by the Istanbul Liszt Institute Hungarian Cultural Center. The exhibition dedicated to the nature of V4 countries will open for art lovers on Thursday.

Maciej Pietrzak, “Rogalin oaks,” 2022. (Photo courtesy of the Istanbul Liszt Institute Hungarian Cultural Center)

Upon the request of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the best photographers of V4 countries came together for the photography exhibition to shed light on the beauty of the region. The photographers strived to integrate with the environment while taking the picture without distressing nature.

Nagy Katalin,

Milan Slavinger,

“NaturArt – Hungarian Nature Photographers Association” coordinated the project, while “Slovakian Wildlife Photographers Association,” “Czech Nature Photographers Club” and “Polish Nature Photographers Association” provided support. While presenting the natural beauty of the region to those who have never visited Central Europe, the exhibition also allows those living in these four countries to discover the uniqueness of unfamiliar places.

The Visegrad Group is a cultural and political alliance to advance general interests within the European Union, promote stability in neighboring countries and jointly promote the region globally.

Malgorzata Ksiazkiewicz,

Malgorzata Ksiazkiewicz, “Tuchola forest,” 2022. (Photo courtesy of the Istanbul Liszt Institute Hungarian Cultural Center)

Hungary’s 2021-2022 Visegrad Group Presidency aimed to support the region’s economic restart with a strong emphasis on post-pandemic sustainability, climate policy and green economic transformation, with the slogan “Recharging Europe.” As of July 2022, Czechia will take over the group presidency from Hungary.

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