Turkey’s 1st multi-caliber sniper rifle to enter inventory this month

Turkey’s first multi-caliber sniper rifle, KN-12, will enter the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) inventory this month, according to the producing company official.

The rifle, along with other light and heavy weapon systems developed by the Machinery and Chemical Industry (MKE) was exhibited as part of the EFES-2022 Combined Joint Field Fire Exercise that is conducted in the Aegean.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), MKE General Manager Yasin Akdere said that they have completed Turkey’s first variable caliber sniper rifle, designed and developed in line with the needs and demands of the TSK.

The 7.2 kilograms (15.8 pounds) and 1 meter (3.2 feet) rifle can use two different ammunition, 7.62 and 8.59 millimeters, Akdere said.

Pointing out that the rifle has successfully completed the tough qualification tests within the scope of NATO standards, Akdere said: “It will enter the inventory of our force as of this month.”

As a company, Akdere said, they act with the approach of “complete independence” in the fields of activity.

Accordingly, Akdere said he is proud and pleased to announce that they are starting the mass production of domestic 8.59-millimeter ammunition in the Gazi Fişek factory in the capital Ankara.

Akdere also stated that negotiations and marketing activities regarding the KN-12 continue as they receive important feedback from friendly and allied countries.

“We will significantly increase our contribution to exports in the defense industry by signing important contracts in the coming days,” he said.

With a magazine capacity of five for 8.59 millimeters and 10 for 7.62 millimeters, the KN-12 has a range of 1,500 meters.

Domestic weapons, systems

Meanwhile, within the scope of night exercises at the EFES drill, domestic weapon systems, including Cirit, UMTAS, OMTAS long and medium-range anti-tank missiles, ATAK helicopters and Korkut air defense weapon systems were used and hit the targets with pinpoint accuracy .

The night phase of the exercise in the Doğanbey Shooting Exercise Area in western Izmir’s Seferihisar district started with Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar taking his place in the field with the defense ministers and chiefs of general staff of friendly and allied countries, as well as the TSK command and the Deputy Ministers of National Defense.

As part of the exercise, which was conducted with a generic scenario, the combined special forces teams consisting of the elements of the participating countries carried out an infiltration operation from the sea and from the air.

While some of the special force elements landed in the designated areas by parachute, the other part made an infiltration operation from the sea. In this context, underwater attack and underwater defense teams, which silenced the engines of the boats at a certain distance from the shore, cleared the coast from underwater obstacles and shallow water mines. Later, the amphibious deception operation and the amphibious reconnaissance operation were launched.

An amphibious reconnaissance squadron with night vision capability organized a reconnaissance operation for the coast to be landed. The landing operation of the marine infantry elements was successfully completed with the armored vehicles and personnel coming ashore after the ships approached the coast by applying a blackout after the operation.

Meanwhile, the targets identified in the landing zone were hit by the fire of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)-developed Atak helicopters. The shots, which were carried out with pinpoint accuracy with domestic Cirit missiles, were followed by artillery and mortar shots and then shots from F-16 warplanes.

Speaking before the exercise, the Commander of Turkey’s Aegean Army (Fourth Army), General Ali Sivri, stated that the EFES 2022 Exercise was carried out with the participation of approximately 11,000 personnel with the troops and elements deployed from 37 friendly and allied countries.

“As in the past, Efes will continue to be a joint and joint exercise series with a wide participation at the international level, making significant contributions to the revitalization of the battlefield, the development of the combat readiness level and the formation of a comprehensive approach culture,” he said.

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