Far-right French leader Le Pen egged, loudly insulted

Marine Le Pen, the former leader of the French far-right National Unity (RN) Party and presidential election loser, was the target of an egg attack and loud insults in the city of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux by disgruntled constituents.

According to the news in the local media, Le Pen was egged while visiting the city of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux yesterday with her bodyguards to support Guillaume Florquin, her party’s far-right deputy candidate from the 20th constituency of the Nord province.

However, Le Pen’s press service claimed it was merely an attempted egging with the egg actually missing Le Pen inflight, and instead, connecting with the hand of her bodyguard – not even staining the outfit of the right-winger, who came runner-up with around 41% of votes in the national elections on her anti-Islam discourse.

Party spokesperson Sebastien Chenu said in a statement: “I was with her. Everything is fine, no scratch, no stain. The egg did not hit her, it hit the hand of her bodyguard.”

A shopkeeper at the scene said he heard Le Pen being loudly insulted.

In the footage shared on social media of the incident, Le Pen crouches and hides her face by bending over to protect herself from the poultry projectile, whose origin is unknown.

Le Pen reportedly continued her visit to the city despite the egging and loud vocal opposition to her presence there.

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