Racing body FIA extends F1 ‘bling ban’ exemption to end of June

Formula One’s governing body FIA has extended an exemption on jewelry worn by drivers to the end of June.

The extension means seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton will be able to continue racing with piercings for the next three races.

The FIA ​​confirmed the push back until the end of June for items requiring special intervention for removal, with the medical commission evaluating feedback from drivers and others.

The period covers this weekend’s showcase Monaco Grand Prix, the races in Azerbaijan on June 12 and Canada on June 19 and expires before Mercedes driver Hamilton’s home race at Silverstone on July 3.

Hamilton, the sport’s most successful driver with 103 wins, has said he cannot remove one of his piercings without assistance.

He was given a two-race exemption after a standoff at this month’s Miami Grand Prix, which would have meant breaching the regulations in Monaco if he failed to remove the piercings before then.

“Honestly, I feel there’s way too much time and energy been given to this,” the 37-year-old driver told reporters in Monaco Friday.

“I’ve said everything I feel I need to say. I’ve taken the (ear) studs out every time I’ve been in the car.”

“I think we’ve all worn jewelry our whole careers in F1 and it’s never been a problem in the past and there’s no reason for it to necessarily be a problem now.”

The Briton said it was positive to be working with the FIA ​​on reaching a solution but “we shouldn’t have to keep revisiting this subject every weekend, we have bigger fish to fry.”

The “bling ban” on jewelry, as well as the wearing of non-compliant undergarments, has long been in the rules but rarely enforced until the FIA ​​clamped down this season.

It says items beneath the mandatory flameproof clothing could increase the risk of burn injuries and has highlighted the risk of critical delays or complications if medical imaging is required following an accident.

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