French police assault two Muslim women for crossing the street

French police have been criticized for assaulting two Muslim women wearing headscarves as they crossed the street in a commune near Paris.

In the images recorded on April 14, the French police can be seen making a disproportionate use of force against the two veiled women in the middle of the street in the municipality of Asnieres-sur-Seine, beating one of them and trying to push the another to the ground. land.

As the policemen punched one of them in the head, the woman recording the video is heard saying, “Hey, I’m recording, let her go. She slapped (the woman) and hit her.”

Later, the woman who recorded the incident got out of her car and went to the police to say that she had recorded it.

“Yes, I hit her, I have the authority to do this,” the police officer said.

islamophobic attitude

While the harsh police treatment sparked outrage on social media, users called the French police “Islamophobic”.

The statement attached to the images on social media claimed that the policemen were stuck in traffic and turned on their siren to move forward.

Meanwhile, the women with headscarves, who had the right of way, tried to cross the road, but the policemen got out of the car and did not allow them to pass and beat them.

The Paris Police Department said on social media that the police patrol team turned on the siren to respond to a vehicle breaking the rules and, despite the urgency, the two women tried to cross the street, “missing the respect to the police and angering them”.

The situation got out of control when the crowd got involved and police filed a complaint against the two women, he added.

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