1,800-year-old military watchtower found on the banks of the Euphrates

A military watchtower dating back 1,800 years has been discovered in Gerger district, in southeastern Adiyaman province, on the banks of the Euphrates. The historic structure was identified after a local herder, intrigued by the structure’s rarity, reported it to authorities.

While grazing his animals on the banks of the Euphrates in the field of Konacık village, Ramazan Kılınç found a different structure in the rocks. After Kılınç reported it to the authorities, teams from the Adıyaman Museum visited the region and took samples of the stones from the structure.

Experts determined that the samples dated back 1,800 years. Improving their investigation, the teams revealed that the structure was a military watchtower used in the Middle Ages.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), the director of the Adıyaman Museum, Mehmet Alkan, said that there are also ruins of a fortress around the watchtower. Noting that fortresses have been built on the banks of the Euphrates throughout history for the purpose of protection, Alkan continued, “The newly discovered fortress and watchtower were also built for protection.”

Several pieces of pottery were also discovered in the area, indicating that people lived in the fortress at one point.

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